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Cool Girl?

I am DIGGING this song right now! The "Cool Girl" annoys me. The concept, expectation, and dating-survival-requirement of her bothers me. I'm not one. I'm not a cool girl. I can't get it done. But that's OKAY. I'm intense with feelings. The game is pathetic and this is the part that really gets me: Being the cool… Continue reading Cool Girl?

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Dating Dilemas

Alright, so I read this site a lot, and I relate to some of the stories and articles, but this list is exactly me. I don't play it chill. I'm not the cool girl. I hate playing games. I hate having to wait to send messages so I don't seem too available and therefore less… Continue reading Dating Dilemas

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Chivalry – Still not dead!

As you might have realised by now, I love topics about relationships and how the differences between men and women help or hinder us from understanding each other. This week I was having some conversations with my group of female friends and a few one-on-one chats with some male friends. One of the topics was… Continue reading Chivalry – Still not dead!