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Pinterest Find of the Week

Following on with more decor inspiration, I was looking for ideas for decorating and positioning my desk in my cubicle at work and ways to organise my home office area.

Obviously I was drawn to this office setup by the pink chair! (I ❤ pink) I like the L-shape so I have space to use the computer and space to write. I love a white desk and the chair and accessories bring the pop of colour to brighten the space.


Similar concept with the white desk and colourful chair, but i love how the chair and the colour on the walls are similar, so calming and tranquil. Hopefully that’ll influence the mood while work is going on in this office 🙂


This is a desk tucked away neatly that I love, plus what looks like some nice natural light coming in, makes the space so bright. I’d never be able to realistically have this space look so neat though, I have so much stuff and partial projects and jobs, I always have the feeling that I need a lot of different things close at hand while I work.


And finally, this would be my dream office space! All that storage and open space, and the cupboards above with the doors would be where a lot of mess is hidden away lol 🙂



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