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Cool Girl?

I am DIGGING this song right now!

The “Cool Girl” annoys me. The concept, expectation, and dating-survival-requirement of her bothers me.

I’m not one. I’m not a cool girl. I can’t get it done. But that’s OKAY.

I’m intense with feelings. The game is pathetic and this is the part that really gets me:

Being the cool girl means she’s expected to follow an unspoken set of rules that include not caring too much, not asking for too much, and not wanting something from a guy that is mildly inconvenient for him.

Wait, what?!

Why do girls do this? Because for some reason we have to submit to the one who seems to care less. Sigh *rolls eyes* Why would a guy even prefer the girl who cares less, shows  less interest, ignores him, or just goes along with anything he wants?

If you’re not the cool girl, like me, Tove Lo says its okay! Forget the cool girl, just be you!



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