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Not saying “I know”

I can’t remember where I saw the inspiration for this but I did tweet about it because it’s something I absolutely agree with. Basically, it’s about not responding with “I know” but finding another way to express that you heard this before or thanks for sharing again or add to the idea being shared with more thoughts. “I know” tends to come across sounding like “shut up”, ends the conversation and stops the sharing of ideas.

This is so true! It’s a pet peeve of mine and if I’m ever so blessed to have a family, that will be a rule in my household. This would also prevent you from sounding like a know-it-all, which everyone hates!

This thread says the same thing about not sounding  like a know-it-all and using alternatives could help smooth over social interactions.  This thread has some tips on alternatives you can say instead that are quite good.

I haven’t figured out the best way to interact with someone who always responds with “I know”. I you know how, let me know.

Is this something that bothers you too? Is it something you find you do? Would you care to stop if you do?


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